Young people continue demands for climate action, MCEA releases new e-resource on PolyMet & more!

Young people continue demands for climate action, MCEA releases new e-resource on PolyMet & more!

  • Young people gathered across the state to continue their calls for leaders to take meaningful action on the climate crisis, and the Minnesota Court of Appeals listened - striking down a proposed gas power plant
  • MCEA launched a new website, The People vs PolyMet, to provide the public insight into over a decade of work defending Minnesota from PolyMet's dangerous sulfide mining proposal 
  • MCEA screened our video on the impacts of water erosion on communities in Renville County at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival

MCEA is fighting for climate action, safe water, and clean air in Minnesota's courts and agencies, because we share your vision of a better Minnesota for the next generation. 


MCEA launches The People vs. PolyMet: Thanks to generous support from donors, we've been able to bring seven lawsuits against PolyMet. But in a sense, it's really one case - The People vs. PolyMet.

January is a crucial month for protecting Minnesota's air and water from PolyMet's unsafe mining proposal. On the 8th, MCEA is presenting oral arguments on PolyMet's "sham" air pollution permit. In mid-January, we will hear the Minnesota Court of Appeals' decision on PolyMet's dam safety and mine permits. On the 21st, hearings on the MPCA's attempt to suppress the EPA's concerns on PolyMet's water pollution permit begin.

MCEA's new e-resource, the People vs. PolyMet is designed to give the public insight into the case against PolyMet to date.

January is critical. If you agree with MCEA's efforts to expose the true threat this sulfide mining proposal poses to Minnesota, please donate today. 


Recognizing where our power lies

The science is clear, this new decade must be the decade of climate action. But, who has the power to take on this overwhelming challenge? Utilities have the power to shape our electrical grid. Companies of all sorts have the power to lower their climate impact. Government has the power to create laws and rules that require meaningful climate action. Where is MCEA’s power?

  • MCEA is creating legal precedents that require environmental study of the impact of carbon emissions for all major developments in Minnesota. In October, we won a case that overturned a permit for a massive dairy expansion because it didn't study the greenhouse gas pollution it would create. The court's decision means that all projects that require environmental review must study the climate impact of the proposal.
  • MCEA also has the legal tools to stop unnecessary, polluting new fossil fuel power plants. We appealed a gas power plant proposed by Minnesota Power. Earlier this week, we won a decision from the Minnesota Court of Appeals that reversed the approval of this proposed fossil fuel power plant and forced an environmental study of the greenhouse gas pollution it would create. 
  • And, we have the power to use our legislative tools to shape the conversation around the climate crisis at the Capitol at the next session in February. 

You have power too: the power to call your representatives, the power to reduce your own carbon footprint at home, the power to have tough conversations with family during the holidays about the truth behind our impact to our planet. You also have the power to fuel MCEA's work. Donating to MCEA amplifies our power in all of our work and allows us to continue fighting for a livable planet for our children. Please make a tax-deductible end of year donation today to help us continue saying no to polluters and big-money interests.


Youth strike for climate action across Minnesota: This month, young leaders across Minnesota continued their calls for climate action. Their protests have made clear that the debt of previous generations’ emissions and pollution, whether from ignorance or inaction, is pressing hard on the shoulders of young people trying to picture what their own futures might look like. 

It is all of our responsibility, as those with both agency and resources, to do our part. MCEA stands with youth climate activists because we know that leaders are listening to their calls and we plan to continue using our legal and advocacy tools to hold leadership and industry accountable to their commitments. 

The pictures below were taken at the Duluth climate strike by MCEA Duluth manager JT Haines. 


Minnesota leadership lay early groundwork for climate action: This month, Governor Walz formed a Climate Change Subcabinet and the Governor's Advisory Council on Climate Change in the pursuit of "bold and collaborative action to combat climate change." In the metro area, the City of Minneapolis declared a climate emergency, joining hundreds of cities across the U.S. who are looking to take more control of their role in our climate crisis. 


MCEA's Limbo Creek video: We screened our new video on MCEA's work to reduce erosion and water pollution from agricultural runoff harming rural and downstream communities at this month's Wild and Scenic Film Festival. Click the image below to watch the 5-minute video that tells the story of our work to protect the last free-flowing stream in Renville County, Limbo Creek. 



A railroad company wants to pump 500 million gallons of groundwater and ship it to the desert southwest. Water is Minnesota's identity and a critical natural resource. Join MCEA and tell our state leaders "don't give away Minnesota's water" - sign the petition today. 


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